How to create an app: useful tips

In this short article we will go to see what making an app consists of, providing practical advice, therefore not only technical, to have in mind what it means to make an app.

Of course, to know how to create an app very often you need to have at least a general flounder of the various programming languages, which can be different and multiple based on the operating system of the mobile device concerned (iOS, Android or Windows Phone). For this reason, not everyone has the computer skills to make an app . Although there are tutorials and programs that help in the composition of computer code, if you need to make an app even a little more complex than the standard it is better that you turn to professional developers.

Let’s start immediately by talking about the programming languages ​​that it is useful to know for the development of an app based on the operating system of the chosen device.

Not all devices run on the same operating system. Therefore, to know how to create an app it is also necessary to identify which operating systems we want to adapt our app to.

The main operating systems are iOS (for Apple products), Android and Windows Phone. To make an app, therefore, it is good to have in mind which device you are referring to.

Here are the programming languages ​​to know for developing an app based on the operating system:

  • for iOS devices: the software you need is Xcode, which can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store; the programming language instead is Swift, a language that is replacing the other Objective-C language;
  • for Android devices: the programming language is a sub-category of Java; to develop it you need to have Java SE Development Kit installed on your work computer, as well as Android Studio, a software that helps you to create an Android app;
  • for Windows Phone devices: the apps for this operating system can be built with languages ​​like Visual Basic, or C ++ or Javascript.
  • Although it is true that there are programs that help in how to create an app , however, the development work, especially for more complex applications, is not an easy job, which requires quite familiarity with programming languages. Therefore, if you want to build an app, it is advisable to contact experienced developers.

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