What are the Different Forms of Digital Marketing?

The vital component in the overall marketing strategy of businesses for the past ten years that is still relevant today is digital marketing. Digital marketing has become a great online tool for companies to reach the targeted audience interested in their services or products.

Yet, while digital marketing is often discussed, few people know and understand the different forms of digital marketing.

Digital marketing comes in many forms, popular of which include:


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

The website of a business achieves enhanced search engine traffic when SEO helps to rank it higher in the search results of various search engines. To this end, using consumers’ words and phrases is researched by SEO marketers to use the terms in the content of a site.

Improving the SEO of a site involves a lot of things. Yet, ultimately, the algorithm currently used by search engines determines the ranking of a business site. This makes it crucial for an SEO marketer to remain current and relevant to ensure a top rank for a business site.

Some of the important elements to create a good SEO for a business site include:

  • Keyword targeting by using the relevant keywords suitable to the products or services offered by a business
  • Using the right context indexing like text transcripts or alt text to enable search engines to correctly “read” the content of the site
  • Using good link structure such as sitemaps, format links, and URLs to enable search engines to easily “crawl” or find all the content of the site


Social Media Marketing

Everything a business is involved online uses social media platforms. Many businesses think that responding to comments and creating posts for their various social media platforms is what social media marketing is all about.

Some of the important things to consider for social media marketing are to be able to analyse the posts’ performance of the site to come up with the best strategies based on the information. The constant tracking and measuring of the performance of the posts are to determine whether users engage with the brand to eventually convert them into customers.


Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. Not only that; it has also been seen that people spend a lot of hours on their phones than any other type of gadget.

Digital marketing is taken to a whole new level by using mobile marketing. Mobile marketing demands special content or tailor-made offers suitable to time and location. This type of digital marketing strategy is especially crucial to use for events and other physical social gatherings and occasions.

PPC or Pay-per-Click

Promoted and paid advertisement search engine results are what pay-per-click (PPC) is all about. The ad will cease to exist when the business no longer pays for the ad. While PPC is seen as a short-term type of digital marketing, it is a good way for an online business to increase its search traffic.

The advertisements you see in mobile apps, or while browsing online, or the sides and top of a search engine result page are referred to as PPC.


The best and smartest way for businesses to stay on top of their game at all times is to implement effective forms of digital marketing. Contact us at marketing from edgeonline.com.au/digital-marketing-brisbane/to know more about us.

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